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Again, with the bickering… April 21, 2008

Posted by life2d in parenting, remodel.

It’s Monday morning. I hate mornings! Especially when it happens to be Monday! You know what I hate more? The screeching sound two teenage girls make when they fight. You know what I had to listen to for the last two days? Yep, that annoying sound. That is all they seem to be doing at home. We go out, and they act like bestest best friends, inseparable, laughing and having fun. Go back home, and it’s like we are forcing them to co-exist with their most loathed enemy! Oh, the HORRORS!!!!!

This morning they were fighting over the bathroom. We have just one usable bathroom right now. When there were two bathrooms, they still only used this one. But now they have a reason to fight, cause how dare someone use the bathroom when one of them might want to go in for the fourth time upon noticing that one hair is misbehaving?! Jeez! You’d think they would be a little more willing to put up with this temporary inconvenience, since we ARE doing this just so they would have their own room and a second bathroom that they wouldn’t have to cringe at the thought of having to use!

It makes me wanna scream ‘Enough already! There are people with real problems in the world!’. Except, to their self-involved teenage brain this is like the most serious problem, and their life totally sucks because they have to deal with it! You gotta love this kind of drama! 😀



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