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Testing a new stir-fry sauce May 13, 2008

Posted by life2d in main course.

We eat a lot of vegetable stir-frys. Most of the time I make them vegan or vegetarian. I used to make them with chicken but my kids decided they’re better with tofu or what they call ‘the fake ground meat’ (it’s actually Morning Star Meal Starters). For sauces I use something different almost everytime. I have tried various bottled ones, the ones sold in envelopes, making my own. More often than not, we ended up with a sweeter sauce, so last night I thought I would do something different.

Stir-fry sauce

2 cups fat-free organic chicken broth

2 Tbsp corn starch

3 Tbsp lite soy sauce

2 Tbsp Black Bean Garlic Sauce

Mix all ingredients in a large measuring cup. Stir well before pouring over vegetables and cook until it thickens a little.

Since we serve our stir-frys with rice or chinese noodles, we like to have a lot of sauce to drown them in. Last night we tried whole wheat couscous with it and it was just the right amount of sauce for it.

I always have frozen stir-fry vegetables in the house (I buy the big bags from Costco) and that is what I’ve used last night, along with one cup of the Meal Starters and a can of sliced mushrooms. (We are BIG mushroom fans here!) Sometimes I use fresh veggies instead of the frozen but that takes a lot more time preparing the veggetables. From frozen, the meal is done in about 15 minutes.



1. Miss Life - October 23, 2008

All stir frys are good but WITH NOODLES!!!
4/5 stars

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