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I don’t need no stinking cracked wheat! June 27, 2009

Posted by life2d in side dish, Vegan, vegetarian.

UPDATE: I have made the quinoa salad adding the mint and lemon juice and although it was ok and I ate it all, it was a little too much even for me. There were way too many flavours in each bite. 🙂 So, I think I’ll be leaving at least the mint out.

Not that long ago I have seen a picture of tabouli and it looked so yummy I had decided to make some for myself. But it requires cracked wheat (bulgur) and I don’t always have that in the house. As a matter of fact, most of the time I don’t have all the ingredients required all at the same time (tomatoes, cucumbers, green onion, parsley, mint, lemon juice).

I have green onion, parsley and mint in the garden, so I bought some grape tomatoes (makes for even pieces when cut in half) and baby cucumbers. But I forgot my youngest daughter eats grape tomatoes like candy, and before I knew what was happening they were all gone. Oh, well, no point now in buying cracked wheat (which would require a special trip to a different store)… We did enjoy the mini cukes though.

Few weeks later: picked up a new box of grape tomatoes and a bag of mini cucumbers from Costco; warned the kid to keep her grubby little hands off the tomatoes until I make my tabouli. Didn’t warn anyone about the cucumbers since we always seem to have some leftover. And then somehow there were only three pathetic little cukes left over in the bag. I was determined to make my tabouli this time, so I washed them, cut off their wrinkled up little ends and put them in a Ziploc bag for next day. At this point I was all screw it! I’m not gonna go out just for cracked wheat, I’ll just use quinoa. So, the same night, when I found Mr. Life innocently crunching away on one of my ready to be used cucumbers, I had this uncontrollable urge to tackle him to the ground and rip the leftover cucumber from his hand. YOU CAN’T HAVE IT! IT’S MINE! MINE! Instead, I just calmly asked him to hand me the half-eaten thing and no one got hurt.

AND THEN!!! And then I just made the stinking quinoa salad (can’t really call it tabouli since I even left out the mint and lemon juice) and it was all I was hoping for! I even remembered to take a picture of it.

Looking scrumptious
Looking scrumptious

Next time I’ll try adding the mint and lemon juice and see how I like it.

Quinoa Salad(Fake Tabouli)
cooked quinoa
halved grape tomatoes
sliced baby cucumbers
sliced green onions
chopped fresh parsley
chopped fresh mint
olive oil
lemon juice
Mix everything together. Chill and enjoy!


1. 2ndMissLife - June 28, 2009

3 words – That Looks Nasty. D:
But I guess I will give it a chance since I gave Quinoa a chance. Blegh.

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