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Dear Sun July 6, 2009

Posted by life2d in random.

I miss you! I had no idea how much I got used to having you around and now that you are gone I don’t know how to go on without you. Everything seems so gloomy and cold in your absence. 

I realize I have been taking you for granted for the last couple of months and I am sorry for all the times I was trying to get away from you thinking it couldn’t be healthy for us to spend so much time together! I want you back now, I don’t want to learn to live without you again! I still remember the time we have been apart for more than three weeks. Not a glimpse of you during that time! I can still feel the tightening of my chest during moments of panic attacks thinking I’ll never see you again, never get to feel your warm caress on my bare skin…

We had such wonderful times together, there is nothing I would rather do than be with you. I still remember the magic time we had last summer in Spain. Or that time in Greece when we have spent entirely too much time together! Even last month, all those times I was trying to work in the garden while you were skillfully making me discard yet another piece of my clothing!

I can’t wait for our little fling in Florida this month! Nothing will get between us and I promise to enjoy every single second in your embrace! Can barely wait!


Ms. Life

Our little Spain affair. Exactly a year ago today.

Our little Spain affair. Exactly a year ago today.



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