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Operation “Aggressive Declutter” February Progress February 29, 2012

Posted by life2d in House.

Some Stuff Out, Some Stuff In

February 29, 2012

I had the girls sort through the boxes of school stuff I have been saving for them since the beginning of time and they pulled out a pile of papers a little more than a foot high and tossed 31 items into the trash.

Then we went through some other boxes of mementos and pulled out another pile of papers about two feet high and another big pile for the trash.  I’ll go ahead and count this whole progress as 85 items.

Sold 72 books ($80.93) and used 4 more boxes from my collection to send them on their happy way.

Took 101 bottles to the recycling place and received $5.10

There was actually some stuff coming In this month:

pack of 10 microfiber dust cloths $8.61 (got tired of never having a clean dust cloth when I needed one)

3 packs of big wood beads & one little wooden table (craft supplies)  $1.45 (couldn’t resist the 90% off clearance)

a box of envelopes my daughter needed to mail her transcripts to universities she is applying to $2.14

And some things going Out to balance the incoming ones:

Tossed a magazine I was holding onto since 2009

4 socks with holes and 1 pair of ratty underwear in the trash

1 dried out permanent marker tossed without an attempt to revive it

Girl Scout vest in the donation box


February Progress so far

February 8, 2012

Decided to do some sewing using stuff from my stash. Used three spools of thread and tossed the empty plastic spools instead of saving them as I would’ve been tempted to do earlier.

Sold a lot of 19 books on ebay ($18.44) and mailed them out, using a box from my enormous supply of saved boxes in the garage.



February 2, 2012

Woke up with severe vertigo. Still managed to sort through some boxes of stuff I was keeping since my girls were babies. Put most of the stuff in the pictures in the donation box. Some of them got trashed (including the dried up umbilical cord stump that made my daughter gag when she saw it 🙂 )



325/100 February




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