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Operation “Aggressive Declutter” March Progress March 31, 2012

Posted by life2d in House.

Lost my momentum

March 31, 2012

Decluttering was not my top priority for the second half of the month. I did manage to dispose of a few things, though. I took 140 plastic bottles to the recycling place ($7.15); I’ve used two more dental floss boxes and one more hand cream tube; I’ve tossed a dried mascara tube and one shopping bag full of fabric scraps (I’ll count that as 10 items) and one toy was put in the donation box. I’ve sold one more miniature ($16.02) and 5lbs of coins ($14.11), which I’ll count as 5 items, and used one more box from my stash.

Mid-month tally

March 16, 2012

Donated 8 towels and one blanket to an animal shelter

Sold 2 miniatures, 44 stuffed animals and 147 books ($400.85) and used 6 boxes from my stash to send them on their way.

I had my youngest sort through her piles of letters and she pulled out a stack at least a foot tall for recycling (I’ll count that as 12 items)

1 pair of headphones in the trash; 1 pair of headphones in the donation box

I have decided to stop buying my favourite dental floss until I use most of the ones that the dentists gave out at every cleaning. So far I have used up 3 of them.

I have also used up one tube of lip butter I didn’t like to massage into my heels at night. And I have gone thru 3 sample tubes of hand cream I had around.

What I brought in this month:

3 zippers

7 spools of embroidery floss

one quilting square ruler

one pair of scissors $7.54 for all 12

one book $2

Selling fees (first bill)    -$13.86



378/100 March




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