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Operation “Aggressive Declutter” December Progress December 31, 2012

Posted by life2d in House.

I felt like this month has been a great success, both in freeing space as well as recuperating some $$


40 items

92 bottles recycled $4.95


102 items


67 books $198.14

microscope $12

R2D2 robot $50

3 Star Wars toys $23.63

55 rubber stamps $9.08

2 prints $33.02

2 framed prints $49.94

Brought in:

a pack of 7 rolls of packing tape (not going to subtract the cost from the money I made selling stuff since it’s not a purchase for myself but a household item we would need in our move next year)

Selling fees -$33.61



348/100 December


After all, my yearly goal has been met and then exceeded, even if I do not include the bottles I recycle every month, since partway through the year I did start bringing them in but never counted them as they were part of the consumable groceries.

I am hoping to continue the decluttering and even post monthly on my progress, just so I wouldn’t find myself two weeks away from moving with a house still stuffed of unnecessary things. If I can keep the ball rolling I might reach my ideal goal of having only the things I really really want or need.


3445 + 1074 (bottles)

Total: 4519/2012




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