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More progress June 8, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.

This month I found out we will have to move 5 weeks earlier than we were planning before. Yikes!

Luckily I have been on a roll with decluttering, so hopefully packing will be a bit easier to deal with, because of it. Time for an update since I posted last:



338 bottles recycled $17.35

15 boxes used to mail some of the sold stuff

24 various items from some drawers


7 toys

26 various items

29 magazines


167 books $123

74 scrapbooking items $138

7 wax seals and sticks $10

80 coins, cases, organizers $133

17 toys $33

4 miniatures $65

iron-on patch $5

84 trading cards $406.75

Brought in:

5 peg dolls -$2.16

4 dresses -$27.54

6 wooden eggs -$3.50

room divider -$0

Seller fees (April & May) -$97.70



984 + 773 (bottles)

Total: 1757/2013




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