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Keeping Track: Mid-year tally June 11, 2014

Posted by life2d in House.

The way I was counting my progress in decluttering up to now, was to subtract from my total every time I would bring something in. As well as take away the amount paid for said items from the money made decluttering. I think maybe this year I will not be quite so strict and even though I might want to keep track of what comes in, I will not count it against progress already made getting rid of clutter. But that is because I am pretty sure that everything that will be brought in will be a necessary and well thought purchase, no impulse buying here.


4 magazines
shaving blade
8 wii game cases
bagful of receipts/old papers (count as 10 items)
holey undies
fabric sash

4 boxes

5 bags

picture frame & mat

two computer parts and two package padding

two broken hair clips

three Christmas cards


17 random things

2 expired fridge things

40lbs of papers from organizing our files (I’ll count as 40 items)

broken piece from canopy bed

3 things from junk drawer

8 socks

5 expired things from medicine cabinet

2 hair ties

3 lip balms




187 bottles   $9.90

Tossed a microwave that got broken in the move (got refunded $93 for it)


11 moving boxes & packing paper
49 clothing items
1 pair boots
plastic tub
23 spice bottles
8 space bags
54 hangers
10 dish towels & pillowcases
4 random things

computer monitor and three cables

20 kids craft items


table & 6 chairs   $100

20 plastic bins and totes   $21

broken IPhone   $20


Brought in:

House plants

Computer monitor


Drawer organizer for office area


Ball of yarn

New socks and undies

Seller fees (February)    -$2.58



327 + 187 (bottles)

Total: 514/2014




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