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Declutter: Final tally for 2014 January 21, 2015

Posted by life2d in House.
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56 clothing items
mouse pad
4 pads of paper
12 random things

cutting board
metal bowl
2 wooden spoons
8 dishcloths
3 dishtowels
1 magazine
2 rice bags

6 knitting books to friends
3 things to hubby’s work
53 folders and crates
1 electric heater
2 organizers
8 items of clothing
1 game
1 doll
1 Santa hat
2 sweaters
1 knitting book
17 hangers
1 clock
1 XL bag
1 basket
4 plastic boxes

150 coins


4 socks
2 expired sunscreen tubes
3 magazines
1 pair of running shoes
81 bottles $4
1 bundle of plastic bags

1 pair of flip flops
2 lip balms
1 hand cream
1 pair of underwear
3 socks
1 hair tie
2 lbs of paper from file purging (will count as 20 items)
1 box
165 bottles $8.55

67 bottles $3.55
Bag full of yarn tags after entering info into Ravelry database(count as 5 items)
2 shaver & stand


2 Kombucha jars $18.75

4 sweaters $8



729 + 500 (bottles)

Total: 1229/2014



Keeping Track: Mid-year tally June 11, 2014

Posted by life2d in House.
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The way I was counting my progress in decluttering up to now, was to subtract from my total every time I would bring something in. As well as take away the amount paid for said items from the money made decluttering. I think maybe this year I will not be quite so strict and even though I might want to keep track of what comes in, I will not count it against progress already made getting rid of clutter. But that is because I am pretty sure that everything that will be brought in will be a necessary and well thought purchase, no impulse buying here.


4 magazines
shaving blade
8 wii game cases
bagful of receipts/old papers (count as 10 items)
holey undies
fabric sash

4 boxes

5 bags

picture frame & mat

two computer parts and two package padding

two broken hair clips

three Christmas cards


17 random things

2 expired fridge things

40lbs of papers from organizing our files (I’ll count as 40 items)

broken piece from canopy bed

3 things from junk drawer

8 socks

5 expired things from medicine cabinet

2 hair ties

3 lip balms




187 bottles   $9.90

Tossed a microwave that got broken in the move (got refunded $93 for it)


11 moving boxes & packing paper
49 clothing items
1 pair boots
plastic tub
23 spice bottles
8 space bags
54 hangers
10 dish towels & pillowcases
4 random things

computer monitor and three cables

20 kids craft items


table & 6 chairs   $100

20 plastic bins and totes   $21

broken IPhone   $20


Brought in:

House plants

Computer monitor


Drawer organizer for office area


Ball of yarn

New socks and undies

Seller fees (February)    -$2.58



327 + 187 (bottles)

Total: 514/2014


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” 2013 Progress January 27, 2014

Posted by life2d in House.
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Well, it’s time to do a tally for 2013 and start the count for this new year.

There hasn’t been much going on between the last post and the last day of the year, but I would still like to record all my progress no matter how small. So, let’s see:


side table

folding chair

2 pairs of slippers

2 hair ties

wooden stand

hand cream sample





miniature $10

38 boxes $30

Brought in:

Seller fees (November)    -$15.68

Seller fees (December)    -$1.37


2852 + 1374 (bottles)

Total: 4226/2013


End of month tally November 30, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.
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Not a whole lot of progress, but still moving forward. Working mostly on decluttering the fridge/freezer by using things in there for now.


45 items


30 items


bike & helmet   $100

Brought in:



2803 + 1374 (bottles)

Total: 4177/2013


Not another move!!! November 25, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.
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Yep, moving again. The only difference is we have professionals handling it this time, packing, loading, putting the stuff in storage. Now we just have to find a new place in the next 4 weeks. And we need to find someone to take over our lease at the old place. So far we moved in May, July, August, September and November. I guess moving is our new thing. 😉


97 items


57 items


34 figurines   $127

Brought in:



2726 + 1374 (bottles)

Total: 4100/2013


Slow Progress November 11, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.
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Haven’t done much decluttering lately but I have not recorded yet what I have sent with my daughters at the beginning of September. Few things have left the house since then but I really should start sorting again and maybe posting here will get me motivated once  more. Progress since last time I posted:


54 items

90 bottles recycled $3


66 books

148 items to the girls

20 moving boxes

70 toiletry items

55 kitchen items

10 random things

8 clothing items


54 books   $23

5 Disney pins + 1 lanyard   $19.50

Brought in:

Computer table  -$21

Desk chair  -$54

Seller fees (September)    -$2.33

Seller fees (October)    -$0


2538 + 1374 (bottles)

Total: 3912/2013


Update on our planned and not so much moves September 3, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.
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So, we were moving at the end of July and I was worried our stuff might not fit in the 17′ truck I have reserved. That fear was laid to rest a couple of days before the move by being upgraded to a 20′ truck due to availability issues at our rental location. Score! Problem was, we were still packing for most of the time the loaders were putting stuff on the truck. Very stressful! I do not recommend it. All we had left at that point was part of the kitchen to pack and we still managed to leave behind a whole drawer full of utensils. Do not underestimate how time consuming packing dishes really is. Lesson learned!

Once we arrived, the four of us unloaded the truck. The things we brought, plus the things that were already there, was enough to make the two bedroom house over crowded. Again, very stressful. We tried for the most part to put the things where they belonged and since most of the boxes (minus the last minute ones) were clearly color coded with the place they should go, it worked out great locating something in a pinch by checking the master list. That was definitely worth doing.

A couple of days in, while working on cleaning the kitchen cabinets so I could start unpacking our dishes, I notice one of the drawers that was previously clean, was now full with what looked like very fine coffee grinds. Called the landlady in (she was in the backyard supervising the work on a new patio) and she had no idea what it was either. I felt it was bug related (I was fearing eggs) and asked for an exterminator. Next day, his diagnosis was termites. In fact, so bad that the only way to go was tenting the house. At this point we decided we are out of there. Gave our 30 day notice and started looking for a new place.

Long story short, a month after our move, we moved again. We were mostly packed since we never bothered to unpack once we decided we were not staying. This move went much better, even though we moved into a much smaller place. It helped to make a few extra trips by car before we came with the truck, just so we can have some of the stuff unpacked and in its place before bringing the bulk of our possessions.

And in a couple of weeks I shall start a new wave of declutter. My plan is to reduce our stuff by half. Here is what was accomplished since my last post:


201 items

511 bottles recycled $23.01


357 items


18 Scrapbooking magazines $11.50

18 Cross stitch books & supplies $7.5

36 Disney pins $101

2 pin bags $43

book $10

washer & dryer $150

fridge $100

Dresser $40

3 trading cards $7

Brought in:

Toilet Paper Holder  -$8

Shower Curtain & Rings  -$3.50

Plunger  -$19.65

Toaster  -$8

Seller fees (July)    -$17.58

Seller fees (August)    -$21.31


2049 + 1284 (bottles)

Total: 3333/2013


Less than three weeks left July 4, 2013

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I have managed to do a lot of packing and  have gotten rid of a lot more stuff in the process. The sad part is, there is still so much left. I am seriously worried that we won’t be able to fit everything in the moving truck. I really hate stuff! Really really hate it! Wish I could just get rid of everything. 😦

Here is my most recent progress:



102 items from kitchen, bathroom and garage declutter


192 items from kitchen, bathroom and garage declutter


4 sets of DVDs $39

Exercise bike $50

Scrapbooking stuff (48 items) $65.50

11 knitting magazines $6

2 toys $7

4 books $20

9 Disney pins $35

2 display shelves $25

54 trading cards $51

Brought in:

Headphones   -$10

Sheet Set    -$32.39

driving sleeves (UV fabric)   -$18.35

Seller fees (June)    -$89.12



1413 + 773 (bottles)

Total: 2186/2013


More progress June 8, 2013

Posted by life2d in House.
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This month I found out we will have to move 5 weeks earlier than we were planning before. Yikes!

Luckily I have been on a roll with decluttering, so hopefully packing will be a bit easier to deal with, because of it. Time for an update since I posted last:



338 bottles recycled $17.35

15 boxes used to mail some of the sold stuff

24 various items from some drawers


7 toys

26 various items

29 magazines


167 books $123

74 scrapbooking items $138

7 wax seals and sticks $10

80 coins, cases, organizers $133

17 toys $33

4 miniatures $65

iron-on patch $5

84 trading cards $406.75

Brought in:

5 peg dolls -$2.16

4 dresses -$27.54

6 wooden eggs -$3.50

room divider -$0

Seller fees (April & May) -$97.70



984 + 773 (bottles)

Total: 1757/2013


Time for a tally up April 21, 2013

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I have been decluttering constantly, with some periods of great progress as well as some with barely anything accomplished. I have a note on my phone which I keep adding to every time I make some progress. It’s time I recorded it all here and see what my total for this year is so far.


435 bottles recycled $23.35

11 boxes used to mail some of the sold stuff

112 various items from some shelves, closets, cabinets


25 toys

100 craft items

85 school supplies

7 photo albums

28 clothing items

24 books/magazines


2 tennis racquets, 12 tennis balls $20

4 Precious Moments figurines $20

4 books $30

43 trading cards $233

Lamp $25

BBQ $50

Wand $20

Cabinet $50

2 sets of computer speakers and sub-woofers $45

Brought in:

2 tea towels $0 (I had a coupon and they were on clearance)



465 + 435 (bottles)

Total: 900/2013