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Operation “Aggressive Declutter” December Progress December 31, 2012

Posted by life2d in House.
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I felt like this month has been a great success, both in freeing space as well as recuperating some $$


40 items

92 bottles recycled $4.95


102 items


67 books $198.14

microscope $12

R2D2 robot $50

3 Star Wars toys $23.63

55 rubber stamps $9.08

2 prints $33.02

2 framed prints $49.94

Brought in:

a pack of 7 rolls of packing tape (not going to subtract the cost from the money I made selling stuff since it’s not a purchase for myself but a household item we would need in our move next year)

Selling fees -$33.61



348/100 December


After all, my yearly goal has been met and then exceeded, even if I do not include the bottles I recycle every month, since partway through the year I did start bringing them in but never counted them as they were part of the consumable groceries.

I am hoping to continue the decluttering and even post monthly on my progress, just so I wouldn’t find myself two weeks away from moving with a house still stuffed of unnecessary things. If I can keep the ball rolling I might reach my ideal goal of having only the things I really really want or need.


3445 + 1074 (bottles)

Total: 4519/2012



Operation “Aggressive Declutter” November Progress November 30, 2012

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Another bust month. But I guess some progress has been made so it’s not a complete loss even though I haven’t met my goal.


12 items

57 bottles recycled   $2.95


3 items


20 items    $13

Brought in:

Plastic filing cabinet $22.27



91/100 November


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” October Progress October 31, 2012

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Good news: I have decided I’ve made enough progress to allow myself to start reading the next book. I am four chapters in 🙂

This month it was more convenient for me to just jot down the number of things disposed of, instead of pausing long enough to write what they were. Same rules apply however…if I found it difficult to part with it, it got counted.


44 items

141 bottles recycled   $7.25


81 items


8 items    $35

Brought in:

dress -$2.70

2 zippers -$0.54

3 bobbins -$1.62

elastic -$2.16

3 skeins of yarn -$8.50



264/100 October


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” September Progress September 30, 2012

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Well, this month has been a bust. There was some minimal progress, which is better than nothing, but I could’ve done more if only I haven’t decided to start reading A Game of Thrones. It is so hard for me to put a book down once I start it, and there are five sizable books in this series, which takes a while to go through. I have decided not to start the last one until I have made some serious progress on my To Do List. Here’s to some serious progress! 🙂


10 toiletries items in the trash/recycling


23 items of clothing

3 pairs of shoes

1 computer chair freecycle-ed



37/100 September


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” August Progress August 31, 2012

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217 bottles to the recycling center ($10.85)

16 random items in the trash

3 random items in the recycling bin

Now, I do not count everything I toss. These are items I’ve kept for a while or I have difficulty letting go of. If I am tempted to keep them and I have to talk myself into letting them go, they get counted.


12 random items

13 clothing items

I was trying to keep track of my decluttering while helping my daughter pack all her stuff to move into student housing. I have decided to forgo the detailed list and just count items leaving the house for simplicity sake.


92 DVDs and books ($100)

78 D&D books and at least 2000 miniatures (it was definitely more but I didn’t feel like counting them all, so 2000 it is) ($750)

Brought in:

bought 2 used books (-$5.07)

selling fees (fourth bill) (-$8.14)



2429/100 August


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” July Progress July 31, 2012

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So, I did try to redeem myself after the last month fail and I am quite happy with the progress this month. Here’s the list of things that left the house:


a bunch of yarn scraps

broken headphones

14 random items from the garage

jar of vegetarian spread from the fridge

two boxes of expired stuff from the pantry

pair of tweezers

17 random things from the kids’ rooms

2 items in the recycling bin


4 potholders + 1 oven mitt


7 pairs of shoes

1 purse

1 suitcase

2 magazines

4 rolls of batting

40 items from our jewelry boxes

big stack of stationary paper and envelopes

23 random things from our crafts and toys decluttering

47 clothing items

6 boxes from my supply for some of the sold stuff


big wooden desk $45

lot 46 Little Tikes small toys $20

wooden bed $45

2 big wooden shelves & 18 plastic bins $125

2 wooden shelves & 8 bins $75

camera bag $10

outdoor bench glider $50

recycled 138 bottles $7

8 miniatures $81.93

Brought in:

a pack of 5 microfiber dust cloths -$2.14

selling fees (third bill) -$6.88

Well, it looks like I am still on track for getting rid of 2012 items this year. 🙂



398/100 July


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” June Progress June 30, 2012

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Another slacking month 😦

Let’s see:

34 bottles of lotion, chapsticks, etc. went into the trash

1 pair of broken headphones followed suit

1 Ipod shuffle into the donation box

1 small netbook went home with a friend

4 miniatures sold ($67.16)

4 little boxes/envelopes were used to ship them

4 boxes of dental floss (now I’m down to one bag of those plastic pre-threaded ones and then I can buy my favourite floss again, yay!)

1 old camera went into the donation box

2 old boxes of Au Gratin potatoes in the garbage

1 box from my giant stash went into the recycling bin

I feel like there has been some more stuff and I don’t remember if anything came in this month, so let’s just say this is it for now, which would make me fall short of the 100 items per month goal. Oh well, I’ll try better next time. 🙂



53/100 June


A year ago… May 31, 2012

Posted by life2d in Crafts.
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…I have just finished my first big sewing project: a playhouse for my little niece.

The flowers are removable; the letters fit through the mail slot…

This is the garden with all the yummy stuff growing in it…










Here is the garden after the harvest…

The doghouse door works as a crawl-through back door entrance…










This is the store with all the shelves stocked up…

And here are most of the fruits and veggies from the market…










I have made the frame out of PVC pipes from Lowe’s and a big enough size to have room for more than one child at a time…

Operation “Aggressive Declutter” May Progress May 31, 2012

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Well, May turned out not aggressive at all 🙂

Besides taking 133 bottles to the recycling center ($6.75), I only remember a handful of things thrown out. I am not even going to count any of them since I have received a few gifts myself, so they can just balance out.

I really need to start concentrating on this decluttering business next month!



133/100 May


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” April Progress April 30, 2012

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Not a lot of progress

April 30, 2012

I have gone through 5 more little boxes of dental floss and one toothbrush.

Took 114 bottles to the recycling center ($5.90)

Put 26 items of clothing from the kids closets into the donation box.

Before vacation

April 6, 2012

Cleaning for Easter was the highest priority at the beginning of the month but I did manage to declutter some items in the process:

1 bottle of bathroom cleaner, 1 pair ratty underwear, 3 socks and some leftover face wipes were all used in the process of scrubbing the bathroom.

I went through 4 bottles of lotion, 1 tube of hand cream and 1 box of dental floss (all of them sample size).

I have also tossed a re-usable water bottle into the donation box.

Selling fees (second bill)    – $44.53



159/100 April