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Operation “Aggressive Declutter” March Progress March 31, 2012

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Lost my momentum

March 31, 2012

Decluttering was not my top priority for the second half of the month. I did manage to dispose of a few things, though. I took 140 plastic bottles to the recycling place ($7.15); I’ve used two more dental floss boxes and one more hand cream tube; I’ve tossed a dried mascara tube and one shopping bag full of fabric scraps (I’ll count that as 10 items) and one toy was put in the donation box. I’ve sold one more miniature ($16.02) and 5lbs of coins ($14.11), which I’ll count as 5 items, and used one more box from my stash.

Mid-month tally

March 16, 2012

Donated 8 towels and one blanket to an animal shelter

Sold 2 miniatures, 44 stuffed animals and 147 books ($400.85) and used 6 boxes from my stash to send them on their way.

I had my youngest sort through her piles of letters and she pulled out a stack at least a foot tall for recycling (I’ll count that as 12 items)

1 pair of headphones in the trash; 1 pair of headphones in the donation box

I have decided to stop buying my favourite dental floss until I use most of the ones that the dentists gave out at every cleaning. So far I have used up 3 of them.

I have also used up one tube of lip butter I didn’t like to massage into my heels at night. And I have gone thru 3 sample tubes of hand cream I had around.

What I brought in this month:

3 zippers

7 spools of embroidery floss

one quilting square ruler

one pair of scissors $7.54 for all 12

one book $2

Selling fees (first bill)    -$13.86



378/100 March



Some things I’ve made March 18, 2012

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My daughter needed a way to keep her phone in the bicycle’s basket and since she loves Doctor Who I whipped up a Tardis Iphone case for her. I have hand-stitched it out of felt on a car trip to Arizona and the only picture of it I have is from the hotel there. (edited to add two more photos)







It closes with a magnetic snap (behind the light) and she usually attaches it to the side of the bike’s basket when out riding. So the phone is padded and it won’t go flying out of the basket when going over bumps.


Another thing I wanted to document was the addition to my needle felted nativity scene. I didn’t have a chance to make any before Christmas, but before I had to pack it away I made the three wise men.

And here they are with the rest of the pieces:

I have to remember to take more picture of my projects, especially now that I am trying my hand at sewing. 🙂

Operation “Aggressive Declutter” February Progress February 29, 2012

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Some Stuff Out, Some Stuff In

February 29, 2012

I had the girls sort through the boxes of school stuff I have been saving for them since the beginning of time and they pulled out a pile of papers a little more than a foot high and tossed 31 items into the trash.

Then we went through some other boxes of mementos and pulled out another pile of papers about two feet high and another big pile for the trash.  I’ll go ahead and count this whole progress as 85 items.

Sold 72 books ($80.93) and used 4 more boxes from my collection to send them on their happy way.

Took 101 bottles to the recycling place and received $5.10

There was actually some stuff coming In this month:

pack of 10 microfiber dust cloths $8.61 (got tired of never having a clean dust cloth when I needed one)

3 packs of big wood beads & one little wooden table (craft supplies)  $1.45 (couldn’t resist the 90% off clearance)

a box of envelopes my daughter needed to mail her transcripts to universities she is applying to $2.14

And some things going Out to balance the incoming ones:

Tossed a magazine I was holding onto since 2009

4 socks with holes and 1 pair of ratty underwear in the trash

1 dried out permanent marker tossed without an attempt to revive it

Girl Scout vest in the donation box


February Progress so far

February 8, 2012

Decided to do some sewing using stuff from my stash. Used three spools of thread and tossed the empty plastic spools instead of saving them as I would’ve been tempted to do earlier.

Sold a lot of 19 books on ebay ($18.44) and mailed them out, using a box from my enormous supply of saved boxes in the garage.



February 2, 2012

Woke up with severe vertigo. Still managed to sort through some boxes of stuff I was keeping since my girls were babies. Put most of the stuff in the pictures in the donation box. Some of them got trashed (including the dried up umbilical cord stump that made my daughter gag when she saw it 🙂 )



325/100 February


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” January Progress January 31, 2012

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Today was surprisingly productive

Besides keeping up with the laundry, dishes, tidying up and cooking/feeding the children I have managed to vacuum the second floor and all the stairs, a task that I have been skillfully putting off for at least a week. I have also managed to do both the Costco shopping and the farmer’s market. On the same day. Without keeling over from the effort. I just don’t like shopping. I didn’t use to mind grocery shopping, but now that’s over. Along with so many other things in my life.

Anyway, on this last day of the month I have managed to get rid of the following:

  • tossed 4 magazines
  • took 19 magazines to the library bookstore
  • took a bag full of plastic shopping bags to the recycling box at the supermarket
  • took 79 plastic bottles to the recycling place and got back $4.15
  • trashed a broken gift bag I was holding onto for no clear reason

The only things that came into the house today were groceries, so they don’t count. So it looks like I have reached my goal for January. 🙂 🙂 🙂



104/100 January


Operation “Aggressive Declutter” Commencing January 30, 2012

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Well, the time has come for me to downsize my possessions. And here, January is just about gone while I haven’t made any progress towards that goal. Time for me to write down some goals and get started.

I would like to get rid of 2012 items in 2012. I don’t really know how realistic that would be, so I am gonna say at least 100 items per month. That sounds doable. The items that come into the house would reduce the count of the ones that left, so that would make it a little more challenging. Food items are excluded from the count. I am also going to try and recoup some of the money spent on said items by selling things I deem worth the effort on ebay / Craigs list.

And now all I have to do is get started. Only a day and a bit left to get rid of 100 items! 😉







Cupcake Hat Giveaway April 26, 2011

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UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway is Aimee. Congratulation!!!

Made following my own pattern using Lion Brand Baby Wool (superwash). I think it fits newborn to about 18 months. Here is a picture of it on a doll’s head which is about the size of a preemie (the brim is folded in half):

To enter leave a comment with a way to contact you and I will announce the winner on Wednesday May 4th. Good luck!

I Just Had to Share March 26, 2011

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I have a little niece that always asked me to read her the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. She really loved that little mouse! And I really wanted to make some little felt toys! 🙂 I found some wool/rayon felt in the remnants bin at JoAnn’s and the two colors made me think of attempting to make the little mouse and a sleeping bag for him. Here is the result:

It was so much fun to make it (though very fiddly), I might attempt some other toys in the near future.

I have received my gifts! March 10, 2011

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The ‘Pay it Forward’ gift that WhingingNinja sent me, has made it already all the way from Australia. I was so excited to find THREE darling needle felted figurines and a sweet card when I opened the envelope! Aren’t they adorable?!!! 🙂

And here they are on my (still unfinished) playscape with a little penguin I made the other day.

Thank you so much Jess!

Work in Progress March 3, 2011

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I am so excited to have made my first little toadstool! I think it is so cute! And to have a place to put it I have started working on a little playscape…

My progress so far… And a close up of the little fungus. 🙂

Pay it Forward February 17, 2011

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UPDATE: I have already two people interested. I need at least one more but I will take up to three if there are takers. 🙂

ORIGINAL POST: Over at  WhingingNinja’s blog I have read about a little Pay-it-Forward  giveaway idea. I have decided to join right in, so the next step is finding three people to send a little hand-made gift to. 🙂

If you would like to participate you will need to post about it on your blog (and/or facebook), find 2-3 people who would want to play and send them each a hand-made gift. There is no deadline mentioned, but just to make it a little easier to participate let’s say you should have your hand-made items sent out within three months. I think that’s a decent amount of time to make a couple of things and mail them out, right?

So, anyone interested in joining in? 🙂