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Maybe I should watch what I say… June 7, 2008

Posted by life2d in daily, remodel.
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“Can it rain anymore?!”

This is what I was saying for the last week when glancing at the pouring rain. Everytime! And you know what? YES, IT CAN! The answer is YES!, it will keep raining; more and more; it will probably go on forever, and ever and EVER!!! We shouldn’t have bother with the house remodel, we should’ve built a freakin’ ark!

Anyway, when I caught myself thinking “Can anymore things go wrong?!” I totally started to freak out. Wait! I don’t want to know! Wrong choice of words! Of course things can go wrong. Why do I even ask? Remember my excitement about getting the new windows early? Short-lived. One of them was too big.

“It should only take a couple of weeks to make a new one, ma’am. They tend to put a RUSH on production when it’s their screw-up.” Two weeks???!!! SERIOUSLY? Cause that’s NOT what I want to hear when I’m staring at a four foot hole in our new bedroom wall!