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My Monday mantra: April 14, 2008

Posted by life2d in remodel.
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It didn’t get like this in one day, so why am I expecting to fix it all in one day?

It sure is good to get back to my daily routine on Mondays, but by the afternoon I start to panic that I am not done with catching up after the weekend’s mess making. At this point I just remind myself to take a big breath and remember that there is always tomorrow.

What made this Monday even more trying was coming not only after a weekend, but after a whole week off from school in the midst of remodeling. I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal giving up half of the house. What I didn’t bargain for, was losing another quarter to storage, then losing access to the washer and dryer, having the water cut off while there was working done on the plumbing for new bathroom; also, having workers in and out our part of the house to access the crawl space or electric panel. If I bother to lay down drop cloths over the carpet, why do people insist in stepping off them? Grrrrr!