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Do NOT Attempt! ☺ May 13, 2008

Posted by life2d in main course.
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A few days ago my kids asked me to make them ‘eggs in a basket’. I have made this just once before, a long time ago, but they remembered it and wanted it again. Last time I just cut a circle in the middle of a slice of bread, placed it in an oiled skillet and fried an egg in the middle of the slice. It worked and it was good.

This time, though, since I couldn’t fit more than two slices of bread in the frying pan I doubled up the bread and placed two eggs in each ‘well’. That would’ve probably been ok, have I not stuck a slice of Havarti cheese on top of each tower. Because of it, the yolks were not cooked enough when they were supposed to. So, I just scraped a little of the melted cheese off the eggs and placed the cover back on. I was going to give it a couple more minutes, but after about a minute one of the eggs exploded! That’s right, it just BLEW UP from the middle of the bread, through the remaining cheese and stuck to the cover along with as much cheese as it needed to coat the whole inside of the glass cover. It was a MESS!! It was also very loud and strong enough to lift the cover right off the pan. Have the frying pan not been covered I would’ve probably had to scrape eggs and cheese off the ceiling. 🙂